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Virgin Pulse is transforming into Personify Health..."Because health is personal." Visit the Wellness Platform page to learn more about Personify Health.; The SummitFit North and South Fitness Facilities are open to County of Summit Employees. Please visit the Health & Wellness page for more information.

    Participating Fitness Facilities

    Discounts and opportunities available to County Employees

    Cleveland Clinic Akron General

    Cleveland Clinic Akron General Fitness Facility

    The Cleveland Clinic Akron General Wellness Center offers County Employees discounts. Check the linked document for more details. 

    NuFit is a virtual nutrition and fitness webinar available for free every one Tuesday per month. Details are available in the flyer provided. 

    Stow Wellness Center Health Fair

    Cuyahoga Falls Nat

    Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium

    All Summit County Government Employees are eligible for the Business rate. This discount only applies to annual memberships (employee badge or pay stub).

    Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO)

    medical mutual logo

    Discounts through MMO and MMO/Husk.

    Click on the links provided for more details, including WeightWatchers

    *More available on the Resources page.

    The University of Akron

    Fitness Center - University of Akron
    • Affiliate Membership starting at $35.00/Month
    • Monthly payment options
    • Free Parking, Lot1 - East Campus Parking Deck
      • Other lots cost money, but cost depends on duration
    • Other perks
      • Members get free fitness assessment (1 time/year), Equipment Checkout (Locks, Sport Balls, Weight Bands, etc), and free day use of lockers

    City of Akron | Balch Street

    Fitness Center - balch street

    County of Summit Employees pay $25/month with no contract or sign-up fees. (as of 1/23/2024

    Orange Theory

    Orangetheory Fitness Logo

    Corporate Discount for Elite and Premier Memberships

    YMCA | Kohl Family

    Facility - Kohl Family YMCA

    Achieve your weight loss goals with our LOSE4U program.

    • 6-Week Program
    • Workout 2x per week for 6 weeks (12 sessions) in a small group with a certified personal trainer and several sessions with a registered dietician.
    • 12-Week Program
    • Workout 2x per week for 12 weeks (24 sessions) in a small group with a certified personal trainer and several sessions with a registered dietician.
    • Teams consist of 3-4 people so you can sign up with two other friends or register individually. We will place you on a team based on the time slot you choose at a first come, first serve basis with a minimum and maximum amount required. Pay half of the cost upfront to the County of Summit. If you attend all the sessions and nutritional classes, you will be reimbursed the upfront cost.

    The Weight Loss Program

    What is the Weight Loss Program? It is a 12-week commitment with 1 meeting per week. Available to employees 18-years or older. The program offers tools and group support to help you develop plans to achieve your goal weight.

    (Updated 5-2023)

    Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness Logo

    Through our Corporate Membership program, we provide organizations and their employees affordable gym access through special corporate discount rates. Our program applies to new and current members, plus corporate rates are always available to your employees, and their family and friends.

    Program Details:

    • Plan Type: No cost to your organization. Your employees will receive sign-up instructions, which will include online promo codes and participating locations.
    • Discount Rates:
      • Black Card: $24.99 per month, 1st month for free, no annual fee, no enrollment fee, no commitment fee.
      • Classic Card: $10.00 per month, 1st month for free, $49 annual fee, no enrollment fee, and no commitment fee.
    • Normal Rates (for comparison):
      • Black Card: $24.99 per month, $49 annual fee, $59 enrollment fee, $58 commitment fee
      • Classic Card: $10.00 per month, $49 annual fee, $59 enrollment fee, and $58 commitment fee.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Free access to Certified Trainers and Group classes.
    • Free access to Planet Fitness mobile app, which offers fitness and wellness content and videos.

    Participating Locations:

    • Please see the flyer for details.
    (Updated 5/2023)

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